Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A couple of Cakes....

We were asked to do a couple of cakes this year. One being a wedding cake for this past Sunday. Our friends Daughter and Partner were married and I had the pleasure of doing their wedding cake.
It was a simple 3 Tier White and Chocolate cake decorated in their favorite colors, Green and Purple.  I have not done a wedding cake in several years and though there are definitely things I wished I had done differently I am still quite happy with it! Will I do more.. well they stress me out and I am extremely limited on space so unless I am begged and paid well it could be some time before I do it again lol

The other cake we were asked to make is definitely a we project. My Hubby and I did his son's 7th Birthday cake in February! Similar to a wedding cake.. oh yes.. yes it was lol. He chose to have the Winter Olympics as his Birthday party theme and we had to figure out what to do. We came up with skiing and snowboarding!
It was quite the huge cake but in the end it was quite awesome! He loved it and several times we found him just gazing at it!
Erik and I were quite proud at how well we worked together and just how well it came out. It was a monster of a cake and it was loved! Our little man turned 7 and he had a blast!

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