Friday, April 29, 2011

My Rag Quilt!

My Sis in law showed me this link for a Rag Quilt on You-tube. I thought heck ya!! I want to do this!! How hard can it be and it says it can be done in a weekend sweet! The Material went on sale and I picked out 5 colors, very bring pink and orange colors which if people know me is odd!! Sadly I just went to find all of my pics and in the process I seem to have deleted pics!! But I have a few.. As for taking me a weekend?? uhm.. I am far from a professional sewer and this is the most sewing I have ever done! I am very proud of the awesomeness of it, despite my little mess ups!! The rag quilt takes snuggle flannel, and I suggest watching the adds and picking it up when on sale, this quilt cost me $20 on sale! I did 2 yards of 5 different colors. My Sis in law helped, ok did all the cutting which was awesome cause.. after a few squares my back was killing me! I am a tall girl and need a damn tall table to pull off no back pain in cutting. Ash whipped through all 140 squares! we cut 9 inch squares out of them all. I wanted this quilt done over 2 months ago, a month of being sick and then of procrastination has it done now haha. It took me two days to sew the squares, not full days a few hours each day, and well I am lazy so each square was sewn approximately 1 inch in. I am sure this laziness is why I has strips that were not quite as even ;).We laid the blanket out completely on the living room floor during the Country Girls Night Out performance hehe.. may as well listen to some music while I laid it

and pinned the thing! Took a little bit of time, but not too bad and was very cool to see it laid out! I started out early the next morning, well as early as 9:30am is for me ;) sewing it together. 10 squares across and 7 down... it ended up quite the long quilt! I would definitely say a bead spread for a twin bed :). I spent the entire Saturday actually sewing it, ok.. I started at 9:30 we took a shopping break about noon and I started back at it at 3 to finish up just before 6pm so we could go to dinner. I figured how hard could it be to sit in bed watch a flick and cut the fray? Uhm.. I spent from 730pm til 1am cutting those damn frays! Done?? oh hell no lol.. I started back up about 1pm Sunday and 3 hrs later I had me a groovy blanket! I did go ahead and washed it which was a great idea as it definitely helped give it that rag look.
Would I make it again? Now that it is done and I can see it.. oh hell yea. would I take my time and not plan it as something that is needed right this damn minute? hell yea lol this for me at least was not something I can just throw together in a weekend and poof be done, it would be a gradual project done when it happens. I definitely have thought about them for Christmas presents, but seeing as I doubt I would get anything done by Christmas that would likely not be the smartest idea for me! The picture at the top is the blanket draped over my Mom as it was still warm and she ganked it! So I may need to make her one, and Step Dad has said they could use a new one for the bed.. a king size Rag Quilt.. Does he think I am Mental?!?! Probably cause I think I would if I could!
Either way, it is simple, a bit of time will need to be involved, but if I can do it anyone can, so try a rag quilt and love the snuggle!!!

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