Friday, April 29, 2011

Jorge and Stacey's Wedding Cake

Several months ago my cousin asked me to make her wedding cake. The family remembered my Grandparents 50th and were determined that I make the cake. Honestly wedding cakes stress me out! I have little space and no storage space, but how could I say no! It was obviously 3 layers, each a different flavor and filling with white butter cream. We used ribbon to match her wedding colors and then silk flowers. Why silk? They don't wilt! They don't change shape, they are easy to work with and if you are a freak like me you can keep them for memories :). I love the colors and simplicity of using silk flowers so when the brides go for it I definitely jump on the idea. Mom had the idea as I was setting it up to drape the flowers and in the end I am glad she had it. 90 the day was and I had to drive the layers an hour away! The icing was not happy and I definitely had spots to fix as best as I could in the heat. I am more critical and was not completely happy at the time, but everyone else loved it, and as I stood back I was happy as well. The first one in 5 years I think I did ok!

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