Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Banana Bread Cookies batch 2!

So my step dad is Diabetic, and has been all over using Splenda for things. Well I am all for some substitutions, but for safety health reasons I prefer to not go over board! All things have side effects, so I say know your products!! That being said, I had been itching to try the Splenda Brown Sugar Blend! and well now that I knew how these were to bake up, I thought may as well try them! I did have a banana left hehe.
So I did, substituting the 1/2c brown sugar in the recipe below for 1/4c Splenda Brown Sugar Blend. The result.. The same cookie!! Yum!!


Angel said...

That's wonderful that you are finding tasty things that work with his specialized diet. You rock Mistress!

SweetDesigns said...

Thanks hon! I really want to have some special items in my shop, so trying things out, though I am being told that only Stevia should be used as a substitute for health reasons, so may look into that :)