Sunday, March 2, 2008

Woot!! My other BBM box!!

So when I joined the DB group, it was with my lovely Angel...from Angel's Bento Blog
We wanted to do it together and here we are =). So when I was going through our notebook, I saw this blogging by mail thing, I asked her about it and she told me what it was and gave me the link. Wow how did I miss that?? So we both signed up for it. Once we did we both decided that we would send each other a duplicate box of the one we send out to our assigned partners. I got my box from her on Friday, has been a long weekend so am just getting to post it, but wow was it cool!! She had been telling me so much and showing me so many different things about Bento's that I have been planning on attempting them on my own, and what is that in my box?? My first Bento Box of course !! Not only is that a little yellow bento, but underneath all that is a cute round blue one as well, woohoo!! I get to make Bento this week =) Am excited can you tell ;). So I opened the bot and lifted the handle of the oh so cute basket. One by one I took out my items. There were the 2 bentos, some chopsticks, An adorable coffee cup with a heart on it ( mm tea), a little sauce cup, some dipping stick thingys with sweet icing dip, some dried seaweed I can't wait to try, some wonderful stickers and stationary, little candies, a yummy cinnamon candle, some Vanilla Chai tea (for my new cup =) ). I also had 3 adorable little cookie cutters ( for cookies, or cheese or any other need to be made cute foods!!) Some little silicone baking molds (for baking or holding foods in my new Bentos!!) Some fantastic green glitter for the next cake I make (hmm the March challenge maybe?? I see an Irish theme for it!!)
This was so much fun, not only did I get 1 box but I got 2!! So a wonderful event BBM was. More on the BBM can be found from The Happy Sorceress.
I can definitely say I look forward to doing more from this event, and hopefully Angel and I will continue to do duplicate boxes, cause where 1 is awesome, 2 is even more fun!!!

I loved Both My boxes so much, and am so glad I Joined the group, thanks Angel you are the "Princess" and I love you and love that we are doing this together!!!


Angel said...

Yipppeeee!!! You got them !!!
It looks like everything held up through the packaging well too.
I'm so looking forward to seeing your first bento meal.

Megan said...

Wow,you scored! I also did BBM but my box has not gone out yet. I've seen a few already have recieved and I'm still sitting on mine. Thats it-I'm going to the post office today.
Thanks for entering my contest. 2 tickets in the hat for you. Good luck!
P.S. Is a Bento a fancy lunch box?
I've never seen them.

SweetDesigns said...

its a Japanese style lunch, but to me just a fancy lunch. Angel does them and I have been seeing what others are doing, and thinking hmm sounds like fun and I always forget to eat, so maybe now I wont ha-ha

somebody said...