Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Easter Breakfast..err..Lunch?

Yes, my first day off in 18 days, and where was I?? In the kitchen..all day long in fact. I spent the Morning Baking the Challenge for this month. (Its wonderful can't wait to post on it!!! soon so soon..). And then It was time to get some food. I have been Craving Blueberry Pancakes. So thats what I did. I cheated, though and while at the store the other day picked up a box of Blueberry pancake mix. I know I know, scratch woman scratch! But I knew today was going to be busy, and wanted to make it a bit simple on myself. I had Blueberries in the freezer, and really just wanted the sauce to go on them. I put about a cup of berries in a pot on the stove. A bit of sugar..of course, sprinkle of my favorite cinnamon mix and a bit of flour to thicken (ran out of cornstarch and forgot haha...damn lemon meringue pies!!!). Bring to a simmer...turn down, smoosh the berries a bit so there is a mix of textures and mmm tasty berries, and wow would these be great on cheese cake, so gonna be made this summer I think.
and what is that bit of glare over them?? Steam..thats right I caught steam right off the hot blueberry sauced pancakes!! It was so hard to not just stop with the pictures and eat right then lol but I knew I needed to post them and wanted them good. and how could I not post the picture with steam in it?? I just made some brown sugar sausage links and eggs to go with them. It was definitely a great breakfast, and a great break between finishing the challenge and taking on my next project of the day.