Friday, March 21, 2008

Blog Party: Pizza!!

So, this is my first Blog Party. And honestly, no clue if I did it right, or if I even know what I am doing. What I do know is I have wanted to make Pizza for soo long and this was the perfect opportunity. The down fall, I am exhausted, am on my 17th day straight of work, and another day to go before thoughts of a day off. So I didn't get the cool pics I wanted, cause well I was just too tired to come up with them. But damn it I made Pizza!!
My husband plays on a Pool League, and one night while with him we had a taco pizza, and he loved it and It was ok to me, but I thought hey I can do much better I am sure ;). So with the chance to make pizza that is what I did. I made my own Taco Pizza. Dough, meat, cheese sauce, cheese, olives, tomatoes, all the fixings. Good?? why yes it was, damn tasty in fact and I will definitely make this again. He loved it. Now I read that I was also to have a cocktail. Well, here is the problem. All the hubby wanted was Beer ha-ha. He said If we have pizza we have beer, cocktails are for another night. So I treated him to his favorite beer. So we have Taco Pizza and Beer. I had a cool collage I did do in Photo shop..for some reason, it only shows up blue =(. So I am just gonna put up some pics.Ok, well, sadly my excitement has died with mass photo shop frustrations. Everything I put together in there now comes out blue when I attempt to post it =(. So this is all I have for pics now which really kinda sucks lol. The Pizza was great so I guess that is what matters!!

Taco Pizza:
Favorite Pizza dough
Favorite Taco meet
Cheese sauce with salsa
sliced black olives
chopped tomatoes
shredded cheese
shredded lettuce

(yes, I even gave up on the finishing of the recipe, just that bummed and tired lol)

Press your dough into your greased pizza pan. Bake about 10min. Pull out of oven, spread the salsa cheese sauce onto hot dough to desired thickness. Layer with Taco meat ( I use Lawrys taco seasoning, is my favorite.) then Shredded cheese. Top with olives and tomatoes. Put back in 400 degree oven for 15min until dough is browned, cheese is melted and bubbly.
Bring out and top with lettuce. Let sit for about 5 min to let crust stiffen up and slice. I served it with sour cream and New Castle.
It was a very tasty PIzza, I hope my frustrations stop no one from trying it =).
I used a simple PIzza dough recipe, just didn't have the time to post it and am too tired at this point. lol have a great Party!!