Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cori's Blanket

I wanted to make my future step-daughter a blanket.  I had found this adorable skull snuggle flannel several months ago and after meeting her in June I felt it would be perfect for her! She is an adorable 12 year old, a bit of a tomboy and so much like her Daddy.  She likes the neon colors so I set out to use the skulls as the base print and just accent with neons and black! I have only made a couple of these so far and as much of a pain in the tush they are I am very proud when they are done.  The cutting was much easier than the last few times the laying out of the blanket was more of a pain just because well I detest that much bending haha..
I was in the process of changing jobs and had a few days off before having to say good bye to my fiance(long story that has much heart ache that I simply can't go into anymore lol) so I was determined to get this little project done.  On the upside after so many days I pulled off getting what will likely be my one and only Christmas present this year! At least I know she will have it and I think it is pretty damned cute!
I sure hope she likes it and will keep it for a long time, I am even thinking of taking it down and having her name embroidered on it. 

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