Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The other Bags!

So the bags, as I said Mom and I decided we needed to make everyone a shopping bag for Christmas!! Pattern number is in the Flamingo post below cause I am simply not getting up again :P. The first one I made all by my lonesome was the one to the left from my Grandma's pretty blue and yellow flower material. I also made an apron like the flamingo one but apparently am lacking the picture. After the first couple the flaps on the side we decided were just not necessary and people kept asking us what they were for; they are for attaching to the bag stands at stores but apparently not necessary. So all further bags do not have them!

The next set of pictures are the two bags we made my Aunt and Uncle. They spend a lot of time on the boat and at the beach as soon as the weather is warm in Massachusetts. So we felt the cute sail boat material would be appropriate! Of course my first lesson was pay attention to the direction of the fabric!! Which I failed to do with the flamingos haha.   

The next set are the ones that we made for each of my Grandma's One got the bright colored floral like design the other got the country blue that has a specific name that is completely escaping me at the moment!!

Next we have my Sis-in-Law Ashley's.. She likes cute things and we found this adorable flip flop material and decided for Ash it would be perfect!!
And finally we decided we wanted to try and take this pattern and make a smaller version. So we took the pattern and using my baking parchment paper we cut a smaller pattern. For some reason the only picture I have on hand would be the adorable Pink and Black skulls I made for Cori ( the boyfriends 10 year old daughter!) and I made sure to have enough material for myself later!! I love it and she is using it for her swim meets!! Super happy about that!

this little bag is so my favorite, mostly because it is just so damn cute!! Either way I have stacks of material cut out and bags to sew.. so I guess my cooking/baking blog just grew to include crafts!

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