Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yup I jumped on that band wagon of tie fleece blankets! Among my baking and attempting to sew I thought OH! I can make blankets too! of course like a nut I did not take Pictures of all that I made including the one for Erik and the one for Slater. But I have the 2 I made myself, the one I made Cori and the 1 I made Cooper! so here is the first one my awesome colorful skulls. In case you can not tell I quite enjoy my punk rock side and skulls ;). I am on a massive skull kick and when I found this material it was because I really wanted to try to make a rag quilt. Sadly the Snuggle Flannel of this print is impossible to find, so sad :(. BUT My awesome friend Pati found the fleece in IN and sent me some.. YAY HER!! so I have an awesome Skull and Pink blanket of which I am snuggled up in as I type!!

Next I have My other blanket, may as well get myself out of the way first hahaha. I went hoping to find the above material, instead I found a pretty black red and white one. And what is stashed among the big huge Hawaiian like print??  Why skulls of course ha ha Love it!!
 To keep with the skull theme we will come to Cori's blanket. A 10 year old very much like her Daddy. I made him a cool dragon blanket and he wanted an identical one for his baby. Well when I went back sadly the material was gone. She is a bit of a tom boy and even likes her skulls ha ha. So I found this cute rocker fleece and went with it!

Finally I have Cooper's blanket, Slater's was a cute Alligator blanket and I so wish that I had a picture of it but I have Coop's and that works! Cooper has been playing Hockey so when we found the hockey sticks and puck's I knew which he was going to get!!  Apparently both boys loved their blankets which made me super happy!!

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