Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have been playing with Jewelry for some time, maybe not perfect but I am quite proud of most of them. Lately my thing has been Earrings! So easy and you can do so many different things. Now if only I can learn how to take proper pictures of them all you could actually see them in all their glory!!! I usually do not like Gold, but the beads to the right were calling to me and I decided I would dabble with a bit of gold. I wanted to make a select number and let my Mommy chose some of her liking. Luckily that pair she didn't choose as it was my favorite, sadly Marlo did haha!! I went back and the beads were no more!! I will keep my eyes out and hope that I stumble across at least one more set for myself! The other pair I simply wanted more Red and Gold! well that and my Mommy has been looking for Red earrings forever! She chose both other Red pairs but not my favorite pair, They just made me think of Bollywood!! I did make one little pair out of silver because well silver is my preference!! And I seem to make what I like haha!

The pair below is one of the few orange pieces that I have ever made. During my last trip to IN last summer I visited my favorite bead store in Mishawaka and when I saw these I had to buy them. I have had the beads for over 6 months before I finally came up with how I wanted to use them!

These two sets of flowers were actually beads that were suppose to be used for bracelets, but I thought they would make darling earings. Of course Mommy chose the white ones which I did not expect at all! They are super cute!                                                                      

These were another set of interesting beads that caught my eye, I have them in 3 colors this pretty blue, a white and a green. Not sure which of the 3 is my favorite but I like them all!

And holy smokes was trying to fit all these damn pictures a pain! I wanted these all here though, they were all one sitting lol

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