Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vanilla Peach Jam..

So there was an event a few months back that I wanted to do so badly.. it was a can something or other, or make jam something along those lines. I have always wanted to make jams and marmalades and neat things to can and use as gifts. At the holidays I bake.. up a storm for gifts and wanted badly to add to the baskets. So that event got me thinking, and I actually made Jelly with a friend.. Pomegranate blueberry jam..From Minute Maid juice (my fave juice..mmm) And it came out awesome, sadly I never got to post on it =(, life got nuts and thats when I went away for a couple of months. Well I am back and Jams I am a making. I set out to stock the freezer with fresh fruit to use later when I had the time to make said jams. I have 2 gallon bags of blueberries waiting for yummy can't wait. Peaches went on sale, .99$ lb and I thought, how could I not get Peaches. So..I bought, 15lbs. See when I do something I just go big why pass up the opportunity?? So the plan today was to peel, and chop and freeze in bags to use later, then I thought, why not attempt that first batch?? So I looked through the hundreds of recipes I have printed, making sure it had water bath processing directions (we want to be safe, no need to waste good jam ;) ) Now keep in mind, I made Jelly once, and we didn't use the canner thing, we let the heat seal them and the ate them quickly anyway ha ha.. so I have at least 2 things new to me here. So here I sit, with a dozen 4oz jars of Jam and 3 8oz jars in this canner waiting for it to come to full boil so that in 10 min I have sealed jars of jam. I can't wait too see it. Now I do have a bowl as well, so I can take it to work. And tasting it my only complaint is that for me.. it is slightly too sweet. But I am not going to complain..why you ask? Cause I MADE JAM!!! I am excited can you tell. And now the recipe...

Vanilla Peach Jam

5 1/5 cups sugar
6 cups fresh peaches
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1 3/4 oz pectin
1 Tbsp Bourbon (part of why I chose to make this recipe..I mean liquor..hello!!)
1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Peel, pit and chop peaches. (I used my food processor which I thought at the time was a great idea, though now it kinda looks more like jelly with a few chunks, but first time I say its great !)

2. In saucepan combine peaches, lemon juice, and pectin.

3. Cook over high heat stir constantly about 5 minutes or until full rolling boil. ( ok this took me much longer than 5 min. more like 15 but then maybe I did something wrong? we will see.)

4.Stir in sugar.

5.Return to a full rolling boil.

6. Boil hard for (1) minute.

7. Remove from heat and add vanilla extract and bourbon (bourbon is optional but I say put it in!!)

8. Skim off foam ( I didn't have any which made me happy as I was worried cause never did that before lol)

9. Ladle in hot sterilized jars process in boiling bath 5 minutes ( I did 10 to make sure I did it right..)

And you should have jam.. I hope HA HA...woohoo.. I have pops..I pulled them out ( burnt my finger =( ) and pops left and right.. so I guess thats sealed. I am sooo Excited. Next time ( seeing as I have 3 bags of peaches and a ton of blueberries ..there will be a next time..I will have more pictures!!)And if It sets like it should I will have a picture to add with jam on it!! Just have to wait and see now =).