Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vanilla Cinnamon Orange Marmalade

It has been a while, and wow it seems so hard to get anything posted on my blog which sucks! I have been sick.. again... sigh! And I had been studying for my Insurance License which I got! Yay me! Now lets see if I can feel useful again lol.. Anyway on to Marmalade!
We have been enjoying going to farmers markets when we can find them, many say they are there but do not exist.. Damn you people!! My favorite is by far the one in Hollywood, it is fantastic! But seeing as we do not want to drive 2 hours to and from for fruits and veggies all the time we do not always get to get there. We did find a tiny one in Pomona where my felt the need to buy a 10lb bag of oranges lol. uhm yea we snack on fruits but not all that!! By the weekend I was still trying to get better from my last bout of illness and pretty exhausted but took on the attempt of marmalade. I looked for a recipe I wanted to try and came across the Alton Brown recipe. Seeing as I can happily link it that means I do not have to type it all out! Ha to that woot! But I will give my opinions and what I added.

I do not have pics but I also pulled off making some freezer jams: Apricot Strawberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Banana and Strawberry Pineapple. I found a 4.7 oz container of Ball Real Fruit Instant Pectin which had instructions for flavors on it. Super easy and only makes 2 8 oz jars! Perfect for just a couple of jars here and there. I definitely suggest anyone who wants to make jam to bust this out. It was super easy and awesome! Next time I make some or once I bust a jar out to actually eat I will get some pics up :)
Now with so many oranges, I doubled the recipe. Meaning I used 7 lbs and 8 oz of sugar.. OMG! SOOO MUCH SUGAR!!! I also added a split vanilla bean as well as 2 cinnamon sticks. Why? Well cause I hate to have just plain simple anything. I really wanted cranberries haha so next time it will orange cranberry marmalade lol. Anyway! It took us about 3 hours total give or take to go through the entire process, cooking to soft fruit, to proper jell and such.

Once I had it canned and sealed I had a little plastic jar for the fridge. I think I should have pulled it off the stove a few minutes early, solid it is! The vanilla is the strong flavor very little cinnamon so I would increase to 3 cinnamon sticks next time. I have also decided it is a tid it sweet for me, I would likely decrease the sugar. The recipe calls for 3 lbs and 12 oz.. I would definitely leave out the 12 oz next time and see from there. I very much like it though. I ended up with 11 half pints and 5 whole pints, yup someone is getting marmalade haha. It was an easy recipe over all, we played upwards during the process and I was struggling to stay awake and on my feet lol. I would definitely suggest the recipe, especially if you enjoy marmalade and I do! Super easy and I think it will be easy to tweak as well!

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