Saturday, June 18, 2011

Strawberry Lemonade... yum!

So many years ago I fell in LOVE with the strawberry lemonade from Red Robin, I will go just for that! well and those bottomless steak fries of course! But this is not about fries!! I have family up for Father's Day and wanted to try to make my own strawberry lemonade, seeing as I have never made it before I went on a search for a recipe! I came across one from and went with it! Holy smokes sooo good!! I juiced all my lemons, I did top off the cups with bottled lemon juice as I was just shy! I doubled the recipe for a big huge pitcher, but it was an old plastic one and not deserving of a picture LOL. I did get overzealous with the strawberries and added a little bit more as well as some crushed to the lemonade as well, either way soo a main stay! By the way, it is 10:30am and I have my a pretty glass filled with it and Chardonnay teehee, quite tasty I must say!

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