Friday, May 21, 2010

I made Jams again!!

After my first jam session 2 yrs ago, I finally broke out the canner. Black berries were on sale as were Strawberries and I spent 2 days making 4 different Jams. I am not going to post recipes for 3 of them, as they have been made before as they are or simply swapping out another fruit. I made traditional Strawberry, Blackberry and the much loved Strawberry Lemon Marmalade (so good!!!) The one I will post at least after pics of the other 3 was the Freezer jam I made. My Preggo Best Friend loves Dried Mango Slices with Chili.. so when I came across Mango Chili Freezer jam I could not resist making it. As for taste, haha none of us has tried it yet, but tonight Its going on as a glaze for grilled chicken and I am so excited to see how it comes out!
The Canned Blackberry Jam and it being made in the process!! I wanted to make Blackberry 2 yrs ago, but alas the small amount of time that the berries were in season I never was able to buy them to make it. So when I saw they were on sale super cheap I couldn't help but decide now was the time to make the Blackberry Jam, and man I have tons of Jars of it lol. Some have already been given away and I believe a few will be baby shower favors :) and well I used it in some Thumbprint cookies that will be posted shortly and the rest well.. Merry Christmas to all haha!
The famous Strawberry Lemon Marmalade, First made 2 years ago. And was requested by a few people to be made again! And well I quite loved it so of course I made it again. My preggo BFF even showed me how amazing it tasted with Ritz Crackers!! something I would never have fathomed, but omg, the jar and crackers and its a dip waiting to be devoured!! and of course it also went in some thumbprint cookies!! I may have to make another batch, making large Jars this one went quick!!

And now we have the traditional Strawberry Jam! The first year I made jam I stayed away from anything rather traditional, all my jams were a combination of flavors and spices. But with all the strawberries I had and well i do love plain ole strawberry jam I felt compelled to simply make it! So I did, a sweet and yummy strawberry jam. Now during these 2 days of Jamming, I was also Making 9.5 doz cream puffs.. I was exhausted when I was finishing up the Strawberry jam and had just pulled it off the heat lol. I will say as I ladled it I was afraid it would be too thin and end up yummy ice cream topping, But when checked the next day it was great and I had my 3rd jam all done :) Now.. the 4th Jam is the one I intend to post the recipe for. The Mango Chili Freezer Jam. I had never made a freezer jam before, and well had never really tried mango before so woohoo for some new things! I did taste a bit of the mango, a little funky, like sweet juicy pumpkin like. Smelled weird too in my opinion. And it was such a bitch to seed and process that well frozen mango for the win next time I do anything with mango! but here it is!
Mango Chili Jam

1/2 c sugar
1 1/59 oz pkg Ball Simple Creations Freezer Jam Fruit Pectin
2 cups diced, crushed mango ( I couldn't figure out how to ever make it diced! it was crushed and mushed the whole time lol)
2 green jalapeno pepers, seeded and finely diced
1 red jalapeno pepper, seeded and finely diced
4 plastic ball (8oz) freezer Jars

Stir sugar and contents of pectin package in a bowl until well blended.
add mango and peppers. Stir 3 minutes
Ladle jam into clean jars to fill line. Twist on lids. Let stand until thickened, about 30 minutes. Refrigerate up to 3 wks or freeze up to 1 yr

Now I keep forgetting to stock gloves for my hot pepper cutting times, which lately have been often! so I put them and the mango in my food processor and just gave it a whirl. They came out splendidly together lol. I also only got 3 of the 8oz cups of Jam and not the 4. But then, I may have not gotten enough of the mango out or made it too mushy no idea. It set up nice and thick though, and can't wait to see how it tastes grilled on chicken!