Sunday, April 28, 2013


I have never actually grilled or well cooked swordfish ever.  Though I love fish I just do not get to play with it all that often.  Mom brought it home and I thought sweet! I instantly went to the grill! It was a pretty basic night, a simple salt free herb seasoning and the grill. 
I generously seasoned the swordfish steaks and heated my grill to medium high, about 350 degrees.  Having no idea how long to grill them for I started with about 5 minutes per side.  It took closer to 7 with a carry over cooking time of about 10 min.  They were awesome! Super tasty, moist and flaky! I was so happy and can't wait to make them again!
Don't be afraid of the grill or of fish! Well.. firm fish at least!

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