Sunday, March 31, 2013

A New Ragquilt

My Step-Grandma had been out last November and I was showing her the blankets I had made.  She had commented that she would like one.  We went shopping and she picked out all these pretty browns and pinks.  With school and work and the Holiday's it was hard to get it all done quickly. I was able to slowly work on it. Well she was coming up to visit suddenly Easter Weekend so I spent all day Friday and the morning of Saturday to get it done. Oh it is so pretty and I am so proud! She loves it and seeing the finished product reminds me of it's worth going through the process.
It is not hard to make, her blanket took 5 prints at 2 yards each. I used 8 inch squares and that was it. Just a matter of getting the time in to make sure it was all done.  I am taking on one for my Mom's king sized bed next, I have 7 months to get it finished so here is hoping I succeed!!

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