Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Blanket

My little brother, not so little now but still, got married unexpectedly last year.  When we met Her earlier in the year I had given her my first rag quilt to use as a blanket. She asked me about it and inquired what it would take to make one.  Well I had decided that I should make her one for Christmas this year. Her favorite color, according to the brother, was teal.  I will tell you finding some teals was not all that easy to do! But after several weeks of searching and picking up a random one and then matching it I found my five patterns and made this blanket for her.  It was my first blanket made from cottons instead of flannel but it came out beautiful.  I am very proud of it and they showed up last week and I was able to give it to her in person! I so love giving hand made gifts.  I am happy she is part of our family, a great girl that keeps that boy in place! They are both amazing and loved :)

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