Monday, September 27, 2010

An awesome BBQ spread!!

Had the Family over for a BBQ! My Aunt and Cousin where out from Massachusetts, which was awesome! I have not seen them in 3 yrs, so was sooo happy to have them here! I spent the days prior baking away, recipes will be following above soon! but a slight preview of the spread! I baked Orange Zucchini bread, Pineapple Zucchini Bread, and Chocolate Zucchini Bars ( Yes.. we were working through the Gardens Zucchini!! I have 9 bags shredded in the freezer still!), I also made a Zucchini cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese icing which was amazing, cream cheese should always be made like this! A Peach Streusel pie, A big Pasta Salad, Grilled baby back Ribs, Grilled Chicken that was basted with a mix of my homemade jam and some Sweet Baby Rays sauce, Crispy Zucchini Sticks ( I know I know.. can we say Zucchini over kill!! but it was all eaten!!) and Corn on the cob.. and snacks!! was soooo Good!

It was a bit busy getting it all done, and that week I had spent a day in ER because I had a deep tissue infection haha.. so was a lot of work!! But seeing the spread and knowing I was going to be resting that night and all the next day was so worth it! I like being able to let the family sit back and relax.. and I enjoy cooking for others, so was a great chance to pamper them all! And did I mention I love working the Grill!! oh how I want a big.. HUGE gas grill of my own one day!! and a smoker.. oh yes I must have a smoker!!! My man must be willing to share the outdoor cooking abilities cause I soooo love it!!
and how could I not!! I mean even I have to say.. that is a damn good Pan of Meat!! any Carnivore would tear up that Pan! and Ohhh how I love me some baby back ribs.. the trick everyone, Put them on a foil lined pan, and in a heated oven set to 375, seasoned and covered with foil. Bake about 3 hrs depending on how many slabs you have, you want them tender, and you will be able to tell when they are, not falling off the bone quite, as you will loose that luscious meat on the grill. Pull them out, slather with your favorite sauce and Grill til caramelized, and Perfect baby backs, they were requested often when I was back in Indiana!
And now the deserts, all will be posted, but had to just post the spread haha.. It was so good, and yes we all had little bits of all of it!! we couldn't resist testing them all out, and seriously that Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing is BOMB!!! and the Peach Pie, heated up with Vanilla Ice Cream.. OMG!! haha SOOO good!!! Over all it was a day of swimming and great catching up! Loved the entire time, and I look forward to the next time I get to cook, grill or whatever for the next family get together or friend hang out!! Eventually it will be at my own place when I finally pull off getting back into one :) Will be my Ultimate Success in getting out and making it back home, and if things go as planned I will also my love sharing it with me :D

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