Thursday, April 24, 2008

My New Timer!!!

With all the Cupcake Hero's I have been doing, I wont deny that I find myself looking for cupcakes everywhere I turn. How can one not look for those cute little confections anywhere they go?? So at work the other day, I went into the gift shop, and what do I see?? Only the MOST adorable kitchen time ever!! And its Green favorite color!! I just had to share it with everyone!!
I know, I know..It looks like an Ice Cream cone.. But I swear .. Packaging says CUPCAKE!! And thats what I say!! ha-ha, I like it anyway!

On a sad note.. I didn't get the Cupcake Hero done this month =(. Not only could I not come up with something worthy of the Ingredient of choice, I simply didn't have the time =(. I just barely got the Challenge done, and that took me all day today ha-ha. But, I still can't wait to see what everyone came up with!!