Friday, November 16, 2007

A Party ...well it was suppose to be..

So, TOnight I had planned a bit of a get together, An All adult get together ...a Toy party to be exact. Of course, the plan was to have all kinds of woman over, for drinks, foods and laughter =). Well, of course only a couple close friends and 2 coworkers showed up. A bit of a let down actually hehe, but hey I have a bottle of Rum left soo WOOT.

But along with that rum...I also have an abundance of food. What do you ask did I have??? It was a chili kinda of day. So I made White Chili...a wonderful Chicken&white bean chili with a smokey under tone and a wonder spice to it. Lots of pepper jack cheese to top that off.

With the White chili..had to come the normal meaty red bean chili. a nice flavor, slight heat, perfect for the cold weather we have been having. Topped off with some shredded coldy and jack cheese, onions and green onions. It quite hit the spot. Of course I had all those toppings plus more. I made cheesy bread sticks and chips. Lots of chili left now.

Busted out some cookies, and made the pumpkin bars again, they were too good not to remake. And then I thought, ohh Angel made that evil strawberry pie..I should try to turn that into bars. Well, I added a package of Sparkling WIld Strawberry Jello to it. Added wonderful flavor, but the whipped cream was still just not stiff enough to hold a bar shape. So I decided it was perfect for Parfaits ;). Very tasty, am very glad that she passed that recipe on to me!!

So, in the end, it was still fun and tasty. I just chose to keep the party open a week, and will make everyone buy stuff via catalog haha make up fo all the food I have left over.


Michalis said...

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Angel said...

That chili looks like so warm and comforting. The idea of using it for parfait never hit me but it would work perfectly. I wish i'd been there for your party.

somebody said...