Friday, November 2, 2007

I am in!!

Woohoo!!!...I made it into the Daring Bakers!! Yes I know, its not like I had to jump through hoops or anything, I was just waiting for the link to add myself to the blogger and to get my first official challenge. So I am so excited. Princess and I had already planned to make these awesome sounding cookies on Sunday, so I believe we are going to do our challenge at the same time. Being new comers, we thought might as well do it early and make sure we can do it LOL. but will have to wait to post on it ;) as our date is later in the month. But I am most excited.
Its a heck of a week, a 32nd Birthday cake I have just finished for my friend. I would post a picture, but well, its along the lines of Adult's only, and to save the hassel of offending anyone, I will choose to just mention it, then we Bake Sunday, so I might as well keep going and get my holiday recipes in full gear.
Has been the perfect start to the weekend =)