Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WOoHOo I won!!

Something, how crazy is that?? I am subscribed to Megans Cooking, love seeing all the stuff she is up too..and great recipes!! Well, and yes this is late, I got mine about a week ago, but the chaos that is my life has kept me from posting this..SORRY MEGAN!! I get an email about her Birthday and that she is giving away this adorable smiley spoons. Its all random she had like 5 and will draw names of all that posts a comment. ME I run over there thinking they are soo cute and to wish a Happy Birthday, of course is the heat of typing I left out the most important bit, which was Happy Birthday needless to day in a few days when I get an email from the Blog not only was I shocked that My comment was among the winners, OMG I didn't add the Happy Birthday.. Heal.. such the heal.. so I fixed that, and then I got my spoon!! Its soooo cute!!!
Thank you Megan for an awesome Blog and the Joy of getting your Updates!!