Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I want back ribs!!!

I have nothing against veggies, I love them in fact..But there is just something about hunks of meat, tender juicy meat. I would become a vegetarian easily if it wasn't the fact that I love me some meat ha-ha. And here is the first slab of the season. My husband found that I had 1 slab left in the freezer, and has been waiting peacefully for me to make them. I had to wait for a day off, because for my method it takes a few hours to make them. I must say, one of the best things I got out of school..was the rib day in Meat Cutting class. Our Chef came in with a case of baby backs, and a case of spare ribs and we set out to make a slew of sauces and grill some ribs. There were several different ways we were shown about how to make them. But this is my favorite. Well 1 of them.. there is another, but I have been using this one more.
So, I don't so much have a recipe because I have taken to shaking a little of this and a little of that on them. Usually toward the end, just before grilling I slather them with which ever BBQ sauce I have on hand and get em going. For me grilling them is strictly for flavor, it caramelizes that sauce, gets them a little crispy and a bit of that smokiness from the coals. But tonight, its rainy and I switched it up a bit.

So here is what I do for mine:Preheat oven to 375.
Line a Jelly roll pan with foil. (that just happens to be the one I use.. any sheet pan will work)
Take your slab ( you can fit 2 easily.. maybe 3 depending on the size of your sheet pan. Try not to overlap them though) and place meat side up.
Season with your choice of seasonings. I use on a regular basis...Salt, pepper, pepper flakes, Paprika, a spicy garlic bread rub I have (sounds weird, but its got great flavor..garlic, peppers, herbs.. all the stuff I enjoy haha). Its really up to you, add as much or as little heat as you like.
Take another piece of foil and seal the ribs, make sure the foil covers the entire pan. You want the steam from the juices to stay in with the ribs.

Cook in the center of your oven, for about 2-3 hrs, depending on size and amount of ribs. If your oven runs hot, start checking about the 1.5 hr mark. I take my tongs and lift one side, to see if they start to pull away from the bones. You want that tender falling apart rib. If me.. You plan to grill them, you want to pull them out before they are falling off the bone, or you will loose the rib meat on the grill..and that is simply blasphemy. When they are ready, pull them out and have your grill heated. I use a coal grill, so when I see them getting close, I get it heated. The ribs can sit in their sauce until the grill is ready. You will only use the grill for 15 min maybe 20. You will put your sauced up ribs on the grill to caramelize the sauce, keep them heated and get that great flavor. Watch them so they don't burn, they should be about falling from the bone at this point. The grill will finish that off for you =).

Now tonight, with the rain, I decided to do something different. I did the usual until the end. I took a bit of grape jelly, honey, Teriyaki sauce and pepper flakes. I heated in the microwave for about 20 seconds to get all melted and thinned out. I basted the ribs the last 30 mins of cooking with the foil off. I probably had about 2 tbsp of honey, 4 Tbsp of the jelly and 3-4 shakes of the teriyaki sauce. I do something similar to this with chicken which we love. The out come was the fantastically sticky, finger licken good glaze on the ribs. Tender and oh so tasty!! I paired them with some Lipton Teriyaki noodles and some veggies. It was soo yummy I just had to post about them ;).


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Woot ribs look tasty. Someday we should totally do a meat lovers event. I LOVE MEAT!!!

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